Payrolling Service

Experience the ease of personnel, without hassle, paperwork and unnecessary risks.

Interested in payrolling services?

Employers abroad

We can offer to be the employer of record of your employees in Curaçao, payrolling services as we call it.

Employers locally

Outsource your employment hassle, we can offer to do all paperwork, filing taxes and do all payments.

Employees locally

Do you want to work in the Caribbean, but stay with your current employer?

About Us

Flex2Work (F2W) has been active since 2011. The company is a spin-off of Caribbean Payroll Company (CPC), the market leader in payroll administration business, active throughout the Dutch Caribbean.

More and more clients requested in addition to the payroll administration, the employment of record services. Basically, act as formal employer of employees. We tend to call this service ‘payrolling’ service. We started in Curaçao but are currently active on all Dutch Caribbean islands and Surinam.


Flex2Work provides payrolling services, we act as the formal employer of employees that are living and/or working in the Dutch Caribbean and/or Surinam. The Dutch Caribbean includes the islands Curaçao, Aruba, St. Maarten (Dutch side) and the BES islands (Bonaire St. Eustatius and Saba).

In other countries the payrolling service is also known as Employment of Record service (EOR). Our services include taking care of the full payroll administration, preparing all employment related documents and agreement and keeping the employment fully compliant.

In general, we can identify three types of clients:

  • Employers outside of Dutch Caribbean and/or Surinam
  • Local employers in Dutch Caribbean and/or Surinam
  • Employees in Dutch Caribbean and/or Surinam